Mario Run Gameplay & Modes

Super Mario Run Gameplay

For starters, Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling, auto-runner platformer game. It features three modes;

  • The single player mode
  • The Toad Rally mode
  • The Mushroom Kingdom mode

The Single Player Mode

This is the easiest mode. As a player, you’re expected to control Mario as he automatically runs from right to left. You have to touch the screen to make Mario Jump. The longer you touch the screen, the higher Mario jumps. Just like other side-scrolling Super Mario games, you must ensure that Mario makes his way through the gaps, goes past enemies and into coins to collect them. Ultimately, your aim is to safely get Mario past the level as fast as you can.

The Toad Rally Mode

In this mode, you’re expected to make Mario jump through a cavalcade of levels as a single player, the same way you would in any other Mario game. However, the Tally Rally is a new mode that is exclusive to Super Mario Run.

In the Toad Rally mode, you will choose a high score predetermined by the other player and attempt to beat it by making cunning moves as you maneuver through the level.  Even though you’re not competing in real time with the other player, you will be challenging their “ghost.” This mode is also about thrilling the titular Toads.

Miyamoto says that players can compete with others across the globe. The multiplayer mode is a time-based mode, and there’s no flag pole to mark the end of the level.

Whether you are playing the single player or the Toad Rally mode, you will earn coins which you can use to buy items for creating and customizing your “Mushroom King,” the third mode of Super Mario Run.

There are several worlds that you can explore in either mode. The demo at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium showed a menu screen with six worlds.

The Mushroom Kingdom Mode

To create your Mushroom Kingdom, you will, as stated, have to collect coins in the single and multiplayer mode. At the moment, however, there isn’t much information as to what exactly you can do in the Mushroom Kingdom mode. Gaming enthusiasts speculate that players might create their own levels on this mode as is the case with Super Mario Maker but that remains to be seen.

More about the Mushroom Kingdom will become apparent as we inch closer to the release date of Super Mario Run. Nonetheless, the mode sounds quite exciting.