How To Play Mario Run

How Do I Play Mario Run?

how to play mario run gameplay
As Mario makes his run, you will have the power to make him jump over low-lying obstacles. Your work is to tap anywhere on the screen to make him jump. Be sure to hold the screen for long if you want to make Mario jump higher. The idea is to hit the highest score possible while playing with one hand.

In advanced levels, you will come across obstacles that will change Mario’s direction. Others will start and stop him within a particular period. Your goal is to collect as many coins as possible and get to the flag pole at the end of the stage before the time elapses.

In the multiplayer mode, start by selecting an opponent (could be one of your friends) and try to beat their high score. The number of coins you assemble and the Toads you impress (the Toads appear each time you make a daring move, so the moves you make the better) will determine the victory.

Because there’s no flag pole in the multiplayer mode, you will run, jump and collect toys until time runs out. As you make your way through the level, you may come across a Mario sticker. The sticker is meant to show you where your opponent collected toys or gathered toads during his or her run. At the end of the multiplayer mode, a Toadette will appear to show you who won.

Remember that in the runs you win, the toads you gather will become residents in your Mushroom Kingdom.

The Basics Of Mario Run Gameplay

how to play mario run gameplay

1. Mario Will Run Automatically.

Unlike the original series. You do not control Mario in running forward or backwards. Instead, the game takes control of that. The only thing you have to worry about is tapping.

2. Small Obstacles and Enemies Are Also Dealt With Automatically.

how to play mario run gameplay
If you don’t feel like tapping to jump over small obstacles or bad guys, the game will automatically vault over them for you. However, if you’re after style points, you may want to jump yourself.

3. Bubbles Can Save You

how to play mario run gameplay
If you fall down a cliff, a bubble will collect Mario and bring him backwards in for game. You can free Mario at any point from the bubble by taping the screen. Once popped, Mario will continue the game from that point. Keep in mind, you only have bubbles to save you. So, stay safe.

4. Hold a tap and go higher.

how to play mario run gameplay
Mario will perform a super jump the longer you hold your tap to the screen. This comes in handy when you need to reach far or high distances.

5. Jump over Vaulted Bad Guys

For style points, make sure you jump while Mario is vaulting over enemies. This comes in handy when you have a line of foes to get through.