Mario Run Tips & Cheats

Super Mario is finally here for all iOS devices. Getting through every world and boss is tough. Luckily for you, we’ve put together the best Super Mario Run tips and cheats to get you through. Check them out below. You can also check out our Super Mario Run tips for moves and obstacles links below.

Super Mario Run Tips & Guide

1. Follow The Arrows

super mario run tips
Throughout Super Mario Run, you’re going to find a bunch of boxed arrows point at you to go a certain direction. It’ll be in your best interest to follow the arrows as they can bring you hidden coins and help you reach higher areas.

2. Master the Jump Stall

Sometimes, it’s really hard to control your jump. Maybe you jump to0 high or you miss your flooring platform.

Luckily for you, Mario and his friends can slow themselves down with the help of the mid-air stall. To perform this move, jump in the air and swipe left on your screen. This move should help you control your distance better.

3. Take Advantage of The Bubble

super mario run tips
The bubble isn’t just for saving your plumber butt. The bubble can also help you go back in the level and grab missed pickups like challenge coins and mushrooms. So, the next time you catch a ride from a bubble, make sure you take advantage of it.

4. Spin for The Flag

super mario run tips
Reach the top of the flag can get you 10 more coins! However, it’s without the right amount of height and distance, it’s nearly impossible to reach the tipi-top.

Instead, try using the mid-air spin to by performing a super jump followed by another tap in the air. This should help Mario get more ups to the flag.

5. Make Your Enemies Worth More Coins

super mario run tips
After every level, you will see a listing of each bad guy you smashed and how many times you crushed them. You’ll also see a challenge number there.

Once you reach that challenge number, the worth of that specific foe will increase. So, once you reach this you’ll attain more coins with every enemy downed.

6. Power-Up Before your Bowser Battles

super mario run tips
Jumping over Bowser isn’t as easy as it used to be in the original Nintendo system. He’s meaner, he’s uglier and most importantly, larger. This can be really troublesome because he’s really hard to jump over without hitting his spiky shell.

Therefore, you need to mushroom up before you reach him. When you power up, you will be able to perform better jumps than when you are smaller. Also, if you get hit by him when you are large, you’ll just shrink back down and pretty much already be at the ax already.

7. Use the Wall to Bully Boom Boom

super mario run tips
Boom Boom is a massive bully in Mario World. However, there is a very simple strategy to stomping this guys head down his shell.

It takes three head jumps to take out Boom Boom. For the first two jumps, go to the wall and wait there. When he comes close lightly jump and you will quickly hit him.

On the third jump, he’s going to go crazy and run faster. Here, use wall jumps and timing to jump on him for the last time.

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