Mario Run Toad Rally Tips & Cheats

Toad Rally is one of the biggest and most important modes in Mario Run. In fact, playing through Toad Rally helps you unlock characters and also help you build up your kingdom. Take a look below at everything you need to know about Mario Run’s Toad Rally.

How Do I Play Toad Rally & How Do I Win?

mario run toad rally tips and cheats
The goal of Mario Run’s Toad Rally is simple. Gain a more coins and impress more toads than your opponent to win. When you beat your opponent, you’ll gain some of his toads. When you gain more and different colored toads, you can gain access to more decorations and places for your kingdom.

Getting ahead of your opponent is great because it opens up more coin-filled areas for you. For example, there is a flag in the level somewhere that will send you 10 coins. Those ten coins goes to whoever reaches the flag first.

However, make no mistake about it, the game isn’t about who comes in first. Focus on the coins and style.

How Do I Get Toads in Toad Rally?

mario run toad rally tips and cheats
It’s all about style when it comes to impressing the toads in Toad Rally. Basically, the easiest way to to impress them is to master the different moves of Mario Runs. You can find a complete listing of the Mario Run moves here.

For example, the best way to impress the toads is to tap when every you vault over an enemy of obstacle. When you jump during a vault, Mario will propel forward and help you gain praise from the toads. This will also help you fill your Coin Rush meter. Therefore, always look to chain together your moves and jumps.

To perform tricks that gain more fans, you can simply tap the screen when Mario vaults over something. This will shoot him into the air, causing him to spiral around, which earns approval towards your Coin Rush meter. When the Coin Rush meter is full, each trail of coins you come across will be larger, allowing you to collect even more coins.

How Do I Get Toad Rally Tickets?

mario run toad rally tips and cheats
There’s a ton of ways to replenish your Toad Rally tickets. Check out the ways below to keep yourself ready for Toad Rally all the time.

  • Collect all of the colored challenge coins in in a Tour level
  • Get a bonus house and play the bonus games in your kingdom
  • Beat all the tour levels and a tour castle levels
  • Place a “?” block in your kingdom
  • Check your My Nintendo rewards

How Do I Get More Coins?

mario run toad rally tips and cheats
Coins are the name of the game in Toad Rally. Luckily for you, there are ton’s of ways to pick up coins in Mario Run:

  • Fill your Coin Rush meter: See our tip below on the importance of the Coin Rush!
  • Level Up The Bad Guy’s Worth: After every Tour level, you’ll see an image of all the bad guys you smashed. These kills go to meter for each bad guy. Once that meter fills, that enemy will be worth even more coins when you stomp them again.
  • Follow The Arrows: Keep your eyes on the arrows throughout the Toad Rally level. Follow them and you will find yourself in a world of hidden gold.

What is The Coin Rush & How Do Fill It?

The Coin Rush meter in Mario Run can be filled by performing stylish moves like jump vaults and wall jumps. When the Coin Rise meter is full, coins will flow throughout the level giving you an upper hand is making bank. Your character will also run faster and become a magnet for coins, sucking them up on your merry way.

Keep in mind that the Coin Rush only last for ten seconds. However, you can extend the Coin Rush by performing stylish moves, collecting more coins, and stomping enemies.

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